grand theft pizza delivery

Grand Theft Pizza Delivery Beta Out Now

Today, Shandy Pants Studios has released the beta for their debut game, "Grand Theft Pizza Delivery". Run by two 13 year olds, Ned Reid and Tom John who met up back in January 2014, put their minds … Read More →


Evolve: The Wraith Unveiled

The final monster has officially been unveiled she is a nasty invisible beast that inflicts massive damage against her hunters. Turtle Rock Studios has released a trailer showcasing Evolve's third … Read More →


Hatred Gets Put Back On Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight helped a campaign for Hatred and was shut down after only 11 hours since launch, even though the game was then ranked #7 among all Steam Greenlight games with over 23,000 up votes. … Read More →


Heroes of Newerth introduces Calamity

Today, the Heroes of Newerth team announced that Hellbourne hero, Calamity, Master of all Hells, will be a playable character come Wednesday, December 17th. Calamity is an agilist-based hero who … Read More →