Tempest Rising, the last patch before RIFT: Storm Legion

Today, Trion Worlds unveils the final content update before the release of their first expansion to last year’s breakout MMO hit, RIFT. Patch 1.11, titled “Tempest Rising,” will feature a near-complete overhaul of the existing souls (the game’s version of class systems), and will set the stage for the rise of the greatest threat Telara has ever faced – the Storm Queen herself, Crucia. Tempest Rising looks to be the largest pure content update to the game yet, a testament in and of itself given Trion’s history of releasing expansion-sized patches over the last year.

Other features of 1.11 include a dramatic makeover to the crafting system, enhancements to the Planar Attunement system, a rebalance of all existing dungeons and raid content to match the changes to souls, and of course a brand new world event to herald the coming of Crucia. In a later phase of the event, the dungeon “Exodus of the Storm Queen” will be released, allowing pre-order players early access to witness Crucia’s dramatic prison break from her confinement beneath Iron Pine Peak.

Below are just a few of the highlights of Patch 1.11, “Tempest Rising.”

The patch notes for 1.11 are super incredibly long, so some sections have been linked to the appropriate forum thread rather than displayed in the patcher, particularly Calling and Crafting changes.
* World Event – Tempest Rising: For years the Icewatch, with the aid of the Ascended, have stood guard over Crucia’s icy prison in Iron Pine Peaks. New rumors rise from the east, claiming that the Dragon of Air is not captive at all, but is in fact biding her time while her schemes come to fruition. For the sake of Telara, Crucia’s rise must be stopped!
* The new dungeon, Exodus of the Storm Queen, will be unlocked in a later phase of the World Event!
* SOUL CHANGES: Major updates come to basically every soul in the game – you can find summaries below and specific Soul change details in the Calling patch note threads on the forums! Be sure to also check out the GENERAL COMBAT changes which apply to all Callings.
* PLANAR ATTUNEMENT is now shared among all characters, and has been converted to a simpler method of gaining levels – see details under PLANAR ATTUNEMENT, below.
* CRAFTING has also seen some significant tune-ups and has detailed notes linked from the forums.

See all of the details in full over at the RIFT forums.

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