Indie Royale Fall Bundle Released!

The second most popular Indie bundle has released this years fall lineup of games. And it is glorious!

Let’s see what we’ve got this time:

  •  Oil Rush
  • Reprisal
  • Blackwell Deception
  • To The Moon

So we’ve got three games I haven’t heard of, one that shares a name with a short but fairly good PC game that I did a terrible let’s play of, and the pinnacle of human achievement  in the field of video games.

Seriously, To the Moon is absolutely amazing. Not only that but this entire bundle is currently going for less than the asking price for To the Moon on Steam. If you don’t already own this game then you owe it to the developers, to yourself and to humanity as a whole to buy it.

The writers here at Ownt even spent an evening over Skype discussing how good the game was and proving our manliness by comparing the points at which we started to tear up (Billy won).

For the next four days you can purchase the Indie Royale Fall Bundle here.

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